Hair Up Training.

On Monday 29th April 2013 we had the lovely Gill Edwards come to the salon to do some hair up training with the team.

Gill has been hairdressing for many years and as well as being a hairdresser she also teaches at a local college. Gill is a real expert in hair up and has a real passion for it.
Gill taught us about silhouetting and we looked at the different eras and how hair was styled and pinned up.

We looked at the best tools to use, different grips, hair nets, padding. We talked about mapping out our style to be.

It was very interesting looking at the different eras and how styles have changed and what comes back round.

From the 1920s where we had Clara Bow, Josephine Baker, Theda Bara and Channel as icons, hats were big at this time and marcel waves. The 1930s were Joan Crawford, Mae West, Ginger Rogers, Jean Harlow, softer marcel waves were more in. The 1940s was Betty Grable, Veronica Lake,( Jessica Rabbit’s look came from here).
Then you go through to the 1950s where Marilyn Monroe was a big icon, and deep partings and ponytails came in fashion, the 1960s with Twiggy who was a big icon with her huge eyelashes, beehives were very fashionable.

We also all had ago at putting some hair up and having a play on the hair blocks which was fun.

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