Meet The Fubar Team

We take recruitment at FUBAR to extremes.
  • productpic
    Name :: Donna
    Favourite Era :: 60s
    Favourite Style :: Structured Hair Cuts
    Favourite Quote :: “I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser.” ― Joan Crawford
    Ethos :: The seven P’s.
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    Name :: Tina Livesey
    Favourite Era :: 60s and 70s
    Favourite Style :: Boho Chic
    Favourite Quote :: I would rather people hate me for who I am than for
    who I’m not..
    Ethos :: Finding a style that is right for the individual.

  • nicole_pic

    Name :: Nicole
    Favourite Era :: Current
    Favourite Style :: UStructured Hair.
    Favourite Quote :: Live for the day, not tomorrow.
    Ethos :: Never stop learning.

  • tamsin_pic

    Name :: Adam
    Favourite Era :: Now
    Favourite Style :: The next one
    Favourite Quote :: Everything is shiny
    Ethos :: I aim to missbehave!

  • tamsin_pic

    Name :: Caroline
    Favourite Era :: 40s and 60s
    Favourite Style :: Urban Chic
    Favourite Quote :: Make every day and adventure!
    Ethos :: Be good, and if you can’t be good, don’t get caught!

  • tabby_pic

    Name :: Tabby
    Favourite Era :: 20s
    Favourite Style :: Brushed curl and finger waves
    Favourite Quote :: Speak no evil, see no eveil and you’ll never be invited to a party! Oscar Wilde
    Ethos :: You only live once!

  • boo_pic

    Name :: Boo Campling
    Favourite Era :: Naughties
    Favourite Style :: Poodle Cut
    Favourite Quote :: Never walk past a lampost without smelling it.
    Ethos :: I live my life by four simple rules. Sleep well, bark alot, eat whenever possible and lots of yoga!