Twitter Madness

Ever wondered what goes inside of a hairdressers mind?
Well, now you can find out. Fubar have just put together their first Twitter account. That’s right, Colchester’s #1 Recommended Salon is joining the social media craze.

Fubar Colchester Salons Twitter

Click Here:!/FubarHair

You’ll be able to follow your favorite hairdressers as they post about their work, fashion, hair, music and general randomness. So follow us today and see everything that’s going on at Colchester’s most fun salon.

Still need more convincing?
If you don’t think the Girl’s will have much to say, than how about some Twitter Only deals!!! That’s right, we want to reward your loyalty to us, we know you love us, and we love you :)   So through out the year, we will be sending out special promotions to all of our followers.

It’s simple:
- Go to
- Search for #fubarhair
- Click Follow

3 Simple Steps.
And of course, we’ll follow you back :)

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