Wella Trend Vision 2013

This year’s wella trend vision competition was all about how different sound styles trigger different emotions and images in our mind.
Like every year there were four different trends and what we have to do as hairdressers is chose a trend we like, a model to complement the trend, and get creating a great cut, style and colour to be photographed  and  entered  into the competition,
where we will be judge by Wella to see if we can make it through to the regional finals.

This year the four trends were:
FUSION – East meets  West. To be two worlds in one. Loud experimental Western architecture fuses with the serenity of Eastern tea ceremony. Hair colour is faded pastel colours with bright strong tones.
DECIBEL- Bright lights, vivid colour, multi-coloured feathers from birds of paradise. Hair colour is a mix of petrol, aubergine, turquoise, rich browns and sulphuric tones.
ECHO- The depressed  chic of tormented beauty. Hair colour clean not smoky, oily blacks, porcelain whites burnt brown, green/distorted blacks.
ALLEGRA – Escaping into the bright world of the decadent elite. Hair colour hints of copper and bronzes, within the greenish blonde family.

We had great fun this year and had some great models, so it will be interesting to see if anyone  gets through.
We would like to say a big Thank you to the models Amelia, Rachel, Kim and Claire, they were all fab and to Jade for doing a great job on the make-up and to V.102 for some great photographer.

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